In the park

Klubb Karusell

  • 6-7 & 13-14 September 21-01
  • Admission ticket to club area
  • Age limit 21 years

After closing, the party begins

Klubb Karusell is back! For two weekends in September, when the late summer is at its best, we will reopen the gates after Liseberg Park has closed for the evening. Inside awaits a vibrant paradise for all dance enthusiasts. An open-air club like no other. With well-known DJs, buzzing dance floors, and incredibly delicious street food. How about smashed burgers and glowing candy floss? And not least – free night rides on some of our best attractions.

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Bra att veta

Night-Awake Carousels

During Klubb Karusell, you will be able to enjoy free rides on some of our very best attractions, which remain open all the way until closing: Spökhotellet Gasten, Kållerado, Loke, Balder, and Valkyria.