Accessibility in the park

For Liseberg, accessibility means that everyone should feel welcome and enjoy a great experience during their visit. We aim for the park to offer a wide range of attractions as well as excellent service.

However, from an accessibility perspective an amusement park such as Liseberg is a challenging environment. Parts of the park are noisy, hilly, cobbled or are rebuilt before each season. Each year new attractions are added to our offering. The safety regulations for our rides, which are defined and issued by each individual ride’s manufacturer, also determine to some extent who is allowed to go on the rides.

Here you can read more about accessibility in the park, rules and other information applicable to personal attendants.

Information and questions about accessibility

Liseberg has previously used an Accessibility Database to inform visitors about accessibility in the park and at our accommodation facilities. We are currently reviewing and evaluating the best way to communicate accessibility to our guests and therefore the database is not fully updated. You can still find information in the Accessibility Database  although there may be differences between the information in the database and the actual accessibility in the park.

If you have questions about accessibility, please contact Guest Services when you arrive.

Handy to know

Entrances and parking

We have parking spaces specially reserved for holders of disabled parking permits. One of them is at the North entrance (Örgrytevägen 5) and five are at the South entrance (Södra vägen 72). There are ticket offices with wheelchair access at both entrances.

Support during your visit 

Over the spring, Liseberg worked with a number of different stakeholders to review our personal attendant service and establish a new solution for priority in queues for those who may require it.

As a result of this work, we are now introducing our updated rules and two new certification forms as of 1 July 2022. We will have a transition period of 1 July 2022 – 31 March 2023, during which both the new forms and the current certificate/certificate procedure will be accepted.

From 1 July, applications for priority in queues will be processed separately, but during the transition period we will accept certificates that up until today were accepted for the personal attendant service.

From 1 October 2022, we prefer that you use the new forms, but it is not mandatory until 2023 Summer season.

If you have purchased an annual pass during the transition period and had it noted that you require a personal attendant and/or priority in queues, from the 2022 summer season, you will be required to present the new certification forms in order to be permitted a personal attendant and/or priority in queues for the remaining validity of your annual pass.

Read more about the personal attendant and queue priority schemes below.

We hope that this new set of rules and certification forms will serve us well into the future, but we are keen to note that they will be assessed before 2023, so that adjustments may be made if necessary.

Personal attendants

To make your visit easier, Liseberg offers support in the form of a personal attendant service. If you have a condition or disability that means that you require a personal attendant, the attendant will have free admission. If you need a personal attendant to help you get in and out of a ride, or if you need help during the ride, the personal attendant will get a special ride pass free of charge. The personal attendant will also be given a personal attendant wristband.

You must bring a certificate proving your need for a personal attendant to Guest Services (as previously). If you have additional personal attendants, they will need to pay the regular admission price unless you have a certificate proving that you need more than one personal attendant.

The dedicated form supplied by Liseberg must be used and the need for one or more personal attendants must be proved. On the form you can find out more about the validity and terms, as well as who is considered authorised to sign the form. 

Download the form

• The personal attendant must be at least 16 years old and able to present a valid ID document.

• Personal attendants with personal attendant wristbands are responsible for supporting and assisting before, during and after the ride. This shall remain the case even in unexpected circumstances, e.g. if a ride stops.

• Ride passes for personal attendants do not give priority in queues.

• Personal attendants do not need to book their visit in advance.

Need for priority in ques 

Liseberg offers support in the form of priority in queues for those with conditions or disabilities that entail a need for minimal queuing times, so that you can make the most of your visit.

You must bring a certificate proving your need for priority in queues to Guest Services.

A dedicated form supplied by Liseberg must be used and the need for priority in queues must be proved. On the form you can find out more about the validity and terms, as well as who is considered authorised to sign the form.

Download the form

• The individual with priority in queues will receive a queue priority wristband.

• Those with priority in queues may take up to three accompanying people with them per ride.

• The individual with priority in queues and those accompanying them must be in possession of a valid ticket for the ride in question.

• Priority in queues shall apply only to rides and in most cases a particular entrance must be used (often the exit).

Borrowing a wheelchair

There are a few wheelchairs for loan from the Cloakroom at the North entrance. The number of wheelchairs is limited, so we recommend that you reserve a wheelchair by calling Liseberg’s Bookings and Customer Service on +46 31-400 100. You will need to show a valid ID.

Quiet rooms and washrooms

There is a quiet room at Guest Services at the South entrance. You can get first aid supplies and rest here if needed. There is also a large accessible washroom there with a changing table, hoist and shower (sling is not provided). Other washroom units in the park also have at least one toilet that is accessible for wheelchair users.

See the list of washrooms under Services in the park.