Belief in the future is what motivates us!

We know that the choices we make today will affect future generations and the future of Liseberg. Together with you and our other guests, we want to show that fun and sustainability can go hand in hand. By making sustainable, climate-smart choices, we can contribute to a more sustainable world and have fun with a clear conscience. It’s what we call believing in the future!

Have fun with a clear conscience when you visit us

We’ve taken various measures to make your visit to Liseberg as sustainable as possible. For example, you will always find vegetarian and other environmentally friendly choices in our restaurants, and the chocolate prizes at the wheels of fortune are eco-labelled, which means they’re twice as delicious. The list could go on and on, and our visitors make a contribution all the way. All you need to do is have as much fun as possible.

Examples of measures:

- Several of Liseberg’s restaurants bear the Kranmärkt sustainability label, which means they only serve tap water, instead of bottled water. The carbon footprint for producing and delivering one litre of bottled water is at least 300 times greater than for pouring one litre of tap water. In Sweden, we have fresh tap water that is of high quality and much less expensive than bottled water (source: Svenskt Vatten).

We still sell bottled water in the park for those who want it, but you can also buy or bring your own refillable bottle and fill it at the water stations dotted around the park. Good for your wallet, good for the planet! The water stations and drinking fountains in the park are marked on the summer map in the Liseberg app and at

- Food, beverages and clothes sold in the park are, as far as possible, eco-labelled or environmentally sustainable. For example, now you’ll find palm oil-free candy cables and eco-labelled chocolate prizes in the park. Our shops also sell a variety of eco-labelled clothing.

- We’re always striving to reduce our food waste. More and more restaurants are joining Generation Waste, a tool that helps monitor and reduce waste.

- We’re waste separation pros! Every year we collect and separate around 2,000 metric tons of waste from the park and our accommodations, of which most gets recycled. All separated food waste is turned into biogas. There are also several recycling stations in the park where guests can make a contribution by separating plastic, paper, glass and returnable bottles and cans.

- We’re aiming to replace disposable plastic items with more sustainable materials. For example, you’ll find paper straws, wooden ice cream spoons and disposable palm leaf plates in the park.

100% renewable happiness

Of course it takes a fair amount of energy to operate an amusement park. We’re committed to finding smart, efficient ways to reduce our energy consumption. For example, did you know that Loke recovers energy for the park? And that all Liseberg’s rides and attractions run on 100% renewable electricity, some of which is from our own wind turbine? So you can ride again and again!

Examples of measures:

- We map our energy use and take energy efficiency measures every year. Energy-saving lighting, ventilation measures and more efficient heating systems, for instance in Spelhuset, have helped to reduce energy consumption in recent years.

- Liseberg was the first amusement park in the world to invest in new technology that allows energy to be recovered when Loke slows down. One ride on Loke recovers roughly the same amount of energy that is used for one ride on Hissningen.

- One step in reducing our energy use is to replace our lighting with more energy-efficient alternatives. For example, 100% of the Christmas lights used during Christmas at Liseberg are LED lights.

A fun journey for the future

Make your journey fun and sustainable A visit to Liseberg often starts at home with eager anticipation. Did you know we can help you find climate-smart alternatives for travelling to Liseberg and Gothenburg? Next time, why not try visiting us by train, tram or bicycle? If you drive an electric car, it’s handy to know that Liseberg has increased the number of parking spaces with charging facilities. Read more here.

Examples of measures:

- We want to increase sustainable travel! If we include guests’ travel when calculating Liseberg’s total climate impact, we’ve found it accounts for around 75% of our climate emissions. We also want it to be easy for all our guests to reach us. That’s why we’re aiming to make it easier for you, as a guest, to travel to the park sustainably.

- We’ve installed more charging points for electric cars. So now you can leave the park as fully charged as when you left home.