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Celebrate with a Dinner & Party with Us

If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to organize a really good meal followed by a party. With our solid range of restaurants and impressive venues, we can arrange dinners and parties for both large and small groups.

Dinner at Wärdshuset

Traditional Nordic flavours in a historic setting. Food prepared with the finest seasonal ingredients and, as much as possible, based on organic and locally produced goods.

Suitable for 30–120 People
- Exclusively reserve for your group.
- Lunch/dinner in a manor house environment.
- Pleasant balconies for socialising.
- Large terrace perfect for BBQs.
- Summer party/kick-off in a large outdoor event area.

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Dinner at 1923

Stylish, neat, and absolutely wonderful! Welcome to the restaurant of possibilities with space for both large and small groups – we have solutions for larger events and dinners as well as secluded meetings and private dining rooms. At 1923, you are surrounded by delightful decor, naturally in true 1920s spirit, with access to fantastic conservatories on both upper and lower floors.

Suitable for 100–330 People
- Exclusively reserve for your group.
- Private breakfast/lunch/dinner.
- Kick-off/party.
- Gala dinner.
- Entertainment.
- Christmas buffet.
- World-class concert experience! Book the whole or parts of the upper floor with an associated VIP bar and terrace.
- Theme party, e.g., a Gatsby party in a 1920s setting.

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Party at Tyrolen

If you want to celebrate a genuine Oktoberfest with your colleagues, the amusement park’s Austrian gem, Tyrolen, is just right. In a rustic setting, you’ll find classic dishes from the Tyrol region, such as kalte platte, goulash, wurst, and wiener schnitzel, along with a wide selection of Austrian and German beers.

If you’re a group that appreciates sing-alongs, beverage tastings, and live music, Tyrolen is tailor-made for you. Our Biergarten is always open, whether on a summer evening with a cold beer or a cosy winter evening with a warming drink.

Suitable for 50–250 People
- Exclusively reserve for your group.
- Kick-off.
- Beverage tastings.
- Stage and entertainment.
- Theme parties such as Tyrolean party, Oktoberfest, Afterski.
- Cosy Biergarten, perfect for a food/drink stop in combination with activities.

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The Party Arena Rondo

Rondo has been a part of Liseberg since the 1940s. From being one of the country’s most visited dance halls, the focus shifted at the end of the 90s, from dance bands to shows – with the continued ambition to spread joy and entertainment.

Rondo is not just a public show arena, there are great opportunities for companies to utilize this wonderful venue.

Rondo is excellent for dinners and festivities for larger groups. Over the years, it has hosted anniversary events, gala dinners, kick-offs, and more, as well as larger conferences and fairs. Naturally, there is also the option to buy into an existing show as part of a conference program or why not purchase an entire performance exclusively for your company?

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