Our vision and mission

Liseberg’s framework strategy includes the company’s mission, vision, business idea, goals and values. In short, it describes what gives Liseberg its identity.


Liseberg is the heart of Gothenburg

Our heritage and roots originate in the traditional Swedish peoples’ park and the European garden of paradise. Like other urban parks in Scandinavia, Liseberg is a mirror of its home city. For almost a hundred years Liseberg has been the pride of Gothenburg and a place to meet in the city.

People come here to celebrate the all-too-short summer, and find a gleam of light in the all-too-dark winter.

We are part of Gothenburg’s history, its culture and its people. Together, they form the soul of Gothenburg, while its heart is Liseberg.

People have been meeting here to have fun together for generation after generation.


Liseberg will be the best-loved meeting place in Gothenburg and the most longed-for destination in Sweden.

Gothenburg will be the most satisfying city in Sweden to live, work and socialize in, and Liseberg will be the most enjoyable place in Gothenburg.

Time after time we will give everyone who visits us experiences and lasting memories that are built on an emotional foundation of longing, love and joy.

Together, Liseberg and Gothenburg will always be the most appealing destination in Sweden – a place where everyone longs to be.

Business idea

Liseberg creates experiences that are worth looking forward to.

Liseberg is Gothenburg’s amusement park and Sweden’s most appealing destination, combining entertainment, attractions, restaurants and accommodation.

We create experiences here that are constantly updated with a mix of creativity and originality. Liseberg is intended for everyone – inclusive and reassuring.

With the help of enthusiastic and motivated colleagues we build lasting relationships with our guests that lead to a solid business.

The profitability of Liseberg is always balanced with our heritage, our cultural role and the importance of Gothenburg as a destination.

We never act for the short term, as we know that Liseberg is on loan to us on behalf of future generations.


Liseberg sets goals for its activities based on five different perspectives:

  • Guests  
  • Colleagues
  • Sustainability
  • Brand
  • Finance

Liseberg’s goals are to ...
... be the most-loved meeting place in Gothenburg, generation after generation
... be one of the best workplaces in Sweden
... manage Liseberg with a long-term perspective
... be the pride of the city and to enhance Gothenburg
... be a strong company that grows and innovates


Liseberg’s values describe the way our business culture is shaped. The same culture that shapes our relationships with colleagues and employees will shape our relationships with guests.

Liseberg’s values:

  • Safety
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Quality
  • Joy
  • Creativity