Meetings at Grand Curiosa Hotel

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Meetings in a Modern Hotel Environment

Meeting is among the most important things there is. And preferably in environments that make us feel comfortable, secure, and creative. With us, you’ll find everything and a little more. You decide, we sort it out.

Number and furnishings in the various premises

Rooms Size Cinema seating School seating U-Shape seating Board seating Island seating
Cabaret seating
Auditoriet   110 62 30      
Fiadoren         16    
Handelskontoret   99 60 40      
Kaptensrummet         16    
Kinoteket   64          
Lingvisten         10    
Navigatören   40 24 20      
Näset         6    
Sidensalen   130 54 44      
Smygen         6    
Spelsalongen nedre         10    
Spelsalongen Övre         12    

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