Terms of purchase

On this page you can see our general terms for purchases through liseberg.com.

Version 2024.01

1. In general

1.1. These terms of purchase apply to purchases made through liseberg.se and associated web pages ("Website"), purchases at Liseberg's entrance cash desks, ticket machines, purchases through Customer Service & Booking, purchases at Guest Service, or purchases at any of Liseberg's accommodations. Through your purchase, you have entered into an agreement between yourself and Liseberg AB, company registration number 556023-6811 (“Liseberg”). 

1.2. When making a purchase, whether through the Website or in any other manner specified in section 1.1, you accept these terms of purchase. By accepting these terms of purchase, you commit to abide by the terms in their entirety. Similarly, you commit to abide by these terms of purchase in their entirety when making a purchase at Liseberg's entrance cash desks, ticket machines, through Customer Service & Booking, at Guest Services, or at any of Liseberg's accommodations.

1.3. By making a purchase, you also commit to abide by Liseberg's applicable rules of conduct at all times and to follow the instructions of Liseberg's staff. Guest safety is always Liseberg's top priority. It is therefore important to follow Liseberg's staff instructions and rules for safety, enjoyment, and order.

1.4. In connection with making a purchase, you may be required to provide certain personal information, and Liseberg may need to process your personal information. Liseberg processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, also known as the GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation aims to prevent the violation of your personal privacy through the processing of personal data. More information on how Liseberg processes your personal data can be found here.

2. Liseberg’s contact details etc.

Name of the company: Liseberg AB
Company registration number: 556023-6811
Telephone (switchboard): 031 – 400 100
[email protected]

Postal address: Liseberg AB 
Box 5053 
402 22 Göteborg (Sweden)

3. When Purchasing Through the Website

3.1. To make a purchase on the Website, you must be at least 18 years old. Liseberg does not accept credit purchases from individuals under 18 years of age. Liseberg reserves the right to refuse or modify your purchase in individual cases (e.g., incorrect personal information or credit history).

3.2. When purchasing on the Website, a binding purchase agreement is entered into when Liseberg sends you a booking confirmation by email. Please save this booking confirmation for any future communication with Liseberg regarding your purchase.

3.3. When making a purchase, you will be asked to provide certain personal information. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide is accurate and complete.

3.4. When purchasing via the Website, the prices stated on the Website apply. Prices are stated in Swedish kronor and include VAT. In addition to the total price stated at the "checkout," no additional costs will be incurred by you.

3.5. Together with Klarna Bank AB ("Klarna"), Liseberg offers various payment options for purchases made through the Website, where payment is made directly to Klarna.

3.6. Only the payment methods available at the "checkout" are accepted by Liseberg. You can find more information about Klarna here and the payment options offered. You can read Klarna's terms of use here. In order to offer a set of different payment options, we need to share your personal, contact, and booking information with the provider of each respective payment service. The use of this information is regulated in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and Klarna's privacy policy.

4. Park Products

4.1. A Park Product is the voucher you can purchase for use in Liseberg Amusement Park. Admission ticket, Ride Pass, 5-game booklet, and annual passes (Liseberg Pass, Liseberg Pass Senior, Gold Pass, and Gold Pass Rabbit) are all examples of Park Products.

4.2. Park Products are only valid under the conditions specified in the description of each specific product. Please note that Park Products, except for annual passes, are valid for a certain season during the current year, and Liseberg does not refund purchased Park Products because they have not been collected or used during the current season as indicated in the description of each specific product.

4.3. For park products (with the exception of annual passes, see section 4.6), free cancellation with full refund and booking changes are valid until midnight three days before the visit date. From three days before the visit date until midnight on the night before the visit date, a cancellation or change fee of SEK 295 per booking will be added. Thereafter, no cancellation or change is possible. Please refer to your booking confirmation for further information on cancellations. Repurchase of park products purchased on-site at Liseberg Park can be handled by Guest Service adjacent to Liseberg Park, and repurchase is only possible upon presentation of the receipt.

4.4. After completing your purchase of a park product, you will receive a booking confirmation via email containing your tickets. You can also find your bookings and tickets under "Bookings" in your logged-in Liseberg guest account. Your park products (excluding annual passes) can be collected at any of Liseberg Park's entrance booths or pre-purchase machines upon presentation of the booking confirmation. Liseberg reserves the right to request valid identification from you to hand out the park products.

4.5. If you have misplaced your confirmation email, purchased park products can be collected at Guest Service at the main entrance of Liseberg Park upon providing the booking number and the email address you provided at the time of purchase.

4.6. Annual Passes 4.6.1. The Liseberg Pass, Liseberg Pass Senior, Gold Pass, Gold Pass Rabbit and Gold Pass Mini are valid on all regular opening days of Liseberg Park, for up to 12 months from the activation date. These passes are digital and can only be purchased on the Website or in the Liseberg app. The Liseberg Pass includes free admission, and the Gold Passes include free admission plus one (1) Ride Pass per opening day. Annual passes are not valid for park events requiring a separate ticket. Purchased pass codes are automatically activated after 3 months and remain valid in the system for up to 15 months from the date of purchase. After the expiry date, the code is consumed and cannot be activated.

4.6.2. The Liseberg Pass Senior can only be purchased from the year you turn 65 or older. The person who will use the Liseberg Pass Senior must purchase and activate the pass themselves.

4.6.3. Upgrading from the Liseberg Pass to one of the Gold Passes or from the Gold Pass Rabbit to the Gold Pass is possible by repurchasing the old pass and purchasing a new one, with the existing validity period retained from the previous annual pass.

4.6.4. Refunds for the Liseberg Passes and Gold Passes for personal use are only possible as long as the pass code is not activated and up to 3 months from the date of purchase (booking confirmation must be presented). Liseberg does not replace unused pass codes if the email containing the purchased pass codes or login information to the guest account has been deleted. Companies purchasing the Liseberg Pass can only return all passes, up to three months from the date of purchase, and by the person who entered into the agreement (partial returns are not possible).

4.6.5. The Liseberg Pass, Liseberg Pass Senior, Gold Pass, Gold Pass Mini, and Gold Pass Rabbit are personal and cannot be transferred from one person to another.

4.6.6. In case of misuse, Liseberg reserves the right to block the annual pass for future visits.

4.7. Rules and Safety Regulations

4.7.1. By making the purchase, you commit to following Liseberg's current rules of conduct in Liseberg Park and to following the instructions of Liseberg's staff. Guest safety is always Liseberg's top priority. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions of Liseberg's staff and Liseberg's rules for safety, comfort, and order. You can find them here.

4.7.2. If you fail to comply with Liseberg's rules of conduct in Liseberg Park and/or follow Liseberg's staff instructions, Liseberg may refuse to fulfill its part of the agreement. This means that you must leave Liseberg Park and that your park products are consumed. No compensation will be provided to you for the reduced value of the service.

4.7.3. For everyone's safety, staff at Liseberg may request to search your bag provided you consent to it. In the event you do not consent to the search, you may be denied entry to Liseberg Park. If you are denied entry to Liseberg Park because you did not consent to your bag being searched, Liseberg may refund your park products provided they have not already been used by you.

4.7.4. Park products may only be purchased for personal use. This means that you may not resell park products or offer park products in competitions or similar activities without written consent from Liseberg. Ride passes may not be transferred or removed from the arm during the visit. Liseberg reserves the right to confiscate and invalidate the park product in case of resale, attempted resale, or misuse.

4.8. Liseberg guarantees that the service associated with the purchased park product will be fulfilled according to the product description. Liseberg does not provide guarantees regarding the number of open attractions or the quantity and length of queues for the attractions. The same applies to Liseberg Park's restaurants and games. This is because much of it is beyond Liseberg's control, such as, but not limited to, weather conditions or other conditions that may affect the operation of Liseberg Park. The park products that entitle you to ride in Liseberg's attractions are subject to the restrictions outlined in Liseberg's height limits and current safety regulations.

5. Liseberg´s Chalets and Camping

5.1. Liseberg's camping facilities (The "Camping Facilities") consist of Lisebergsbyn [Liseberg Village] and Lisebergs Camping [Liseberg Camping] at Askim Strand.

5.2. The camping facilities apply an age limit of 18 years, meaning that individuals under 18 years old are only welcome to stay at the camping facilities in the company of adults.

5.3. Payment for accommodation at the camping facilities is made at the time of purchase. Booking fees and cancellation cover are included when you purchase accommodation on the Website.

5.4. Park products purchased in connection with accommodation at the camping facilities are collected at the respective facility or on-site at Liseberg Park.

5.5. The camping facilities offer certain accommodations where pets are welcome for SEK 300 per stay , provided that there is available space. It is important to inform Liseberg that you are bringing a pet when booking, as the camping facilities only have a limited number of rooms where pets are allowed.

5.6. You can change or cancel your booking until 6:00 PM (local time for the camping facilities) the day before the arrival date at no extra cost. If you fail to cancel or cancel later than 6:00 PM (local time for the camping facilities) the day before arrival, Liseberg will charge you for the full cost of the first night's accommodation.

5.7. If you are unable to use your purchased accommodation, due to any of the following points, Liseberg will repay the total price of the purchase despite cancellation taking place later than 6:00 PM (local time for the camping facilities) the day before arrival:

  • You or any of those accompanying you are affected by serious illness, a serious accident or death.
  • A close relative of you or any of those accompanying you is affected by a serious illness, a serious accident or death.
  • Something serious happens outside of your control, which you could not foresee at the time of purchase, which entails that it would be unreasonable to expect you to make use of your purchase, such as a major fire or flood at your home.

Liseberg has the right to demand certification that confirms the above events before repayment.

5.8. Upon refund, Liseberg will refund what you paid to Liseberg. The refund will be made without undue delay, no later than 14 days from the day it is determined that you are entitled to a refund. If you do not provide account details, a payment will be made via bank (bank fees may apply).

5.9. Departure cleaning is always included for our guests. When staying in a chalet or hostel room, all guests must remove bed linen, wash utensils, and sort their waste. If necessary, cleaning materials are available in nearby storage. Liseberg may charge a fee if the chalet is left in a neglected condition.

5.10. Our chalets and rooms are non-smoking. Unauthorized smoking in the room will be charged a fee.

5.11. By purchasing accommodation, you commit to following Liseberg's current rules of conduct at the camping facilities and following the instructions of Liseberg's staff.

5.12. If you or someone in your party violates the respective camping facility's rules of conduct or Liseberg's staff instructions, Liseberg has the right to immediately eject you and your party from the camping facility. You then lose your right to use purchased accommodation or receive a refund.

5.13. If you or someone in your party damages anything in your accommodation or at the current camping facility, the cost of the damage will be invoiced to you.

6. Hotel Grand Curiosa

6.1. These terms and conditions apply to bookings and stays at the Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel ("the Hotel").

6.2. When booking a room at the Hotel, you must provide your name, email address, and payment method. It is the guest's responsibility to ensure that the booking details on the booking confirmation are correct. If anything is incorrect, it is the guest's responsibility to contact the Hotel as soon as possible for correction.

6.3. Age limit: To book a room at the Hotel, you must be 18 years old or older. If you book a room for someone under 18 years old, you are responsible for the minor, regardless of whether you yourself stay in the room or not. For guests under 18 years old, a parent, guardian, or other responsible person over 18 years old must also stay at the Hotel. The age limit for booking the Hotel's Deluxe Curiosa and Superior Curiosa room types is 25 years.

6.4. A booking is binding once confirmed, and you have received a booking number from Liseberg. You may receive it verbally, in writing, or via our website.

6.5. You can change or cancel your booking until 6:00 PM (local time for the Hotel) the day before the arrival date at no extra cost. If you fail to cancel or cancel later than 6:00 PM (local time for the Hotel) the day before arrival, Liseberg will charge you for the full cost of the first night's accommodation.

6.6. Bookings made by phone or email can only be changed by phone or email. If you have booked a hotel room through a third party (e.g., Booking.com, Expedia.com, etc.), you should contact them if you wish to change or cancel.

6.7. The Hotel is a cashless hotel. Bookings made via the Website are paid at the time of booking via Klarna, and bookings made directly with the hotel are paid with a credit card at the reception or in our check-in kiosks in the lobby.

6.8. People rest at the Hotel at all hours of the day. It is therefore important to show consideration at all times and not to shout or behave in a disturbing manner. It is also important for guests to behave considerately and respectfully towards staff and other guests while staying at the Hotel.

6.9. For security reasons, only our employees and checked-in guests have access to hotel rooms and other booked premises/rooms.

6.10. The guest, or the person responsible for the room, is responsible for any costs and/or damages caused to the Hotel or third parties during the stay. The hotel guest is obligated to reimburse for any damaged or unlawfully removed items from the hotel room or other areas of the hotel property. All costs for damages or theft incurred during the stay will be charged to the credit card registered with the booking.

6.11. If you, as a guest, have behaved in a manner contrary to the Hotel's rules of conduct or have been unable to make full payment for your accommodation at the Hotel, or have caused damage, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse continued or future accommodation at the Hotel or Liseberg's other accommodation facilities.

6.12. You can find more information about the Hotel's terms and conditions here.

7. Event Tickets

7.1. Liseberg regularly organizes events in its event venues Rondo, Lisebergsteatern, as well as on Stora Scenen [the Main Stage], Lilla Scenen/Polketten inside Liseberg Park (The "Event"). This chapter 7 applies only to the purchase of tickets for such Events ("Event Tickets"). These terms apply regardless of whether you purchased Event Tickets via the Website, through an agent, or through a physical purchase on-site.

7.2. Event Tickets are personal and are only valid for the individuals whose names were specified at the time of purchase and as stated on the respective Event Ticket. Therefore, Event Tickets are only valid in combination with valid identification.

7.3. If the Event is canceled due to illness or other circumstances beyond Liseberg's control, Liseberg should offer you new Event Tickets for another date. If Liseberg cannot offer new Event Tickets, Liseberg should refund the entire amount you paid to Liseberg for your Event Tickets.

7.4. Event Tickets may not be resold or offered in competitions or similar without written permission from Liseberg. Liseberg reserves the right to confiscate and invalidate Event Tickets upon resale or attempted resale.

7.5. By purchasing an Event Ticket for an Event, you agree to abide by Liseberg's current rules of conduct and follow Liseberg's staff instructions. You are aware that guest safety is always Liseberg's top priority. It is not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages to the Event or to appear noticeably intoxicated. A detailed description of Liseberg's rules of conduct can be found here.

7.6. If you or anyone in your party violates Liseberg's rules of conduct or staff instructions, Liseberg has the right to immediately eject you and your party from the Event. You will then forfeit your right to attend the Event or receive a refund.

8. Right of Withdrawal for Distance Purchases

8.1. Under the law (2005:59) on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises, consumers have the right to withdraw from a purchase within 14 days without stating any reason. This right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of accommodation, event tickets, or purchases where the trader is to provide a service on a specific day or for a specific period (see Chapter 2, Section 11, 12). The products and services provided by Liseberg are such products and services exempt from this right of withdrawal. Therefore, as a consumer, you do not have the right to withdraw your purchase of Park product, accommodation, or Event Ticket when purchasing on Liseberg.se.

8.2. However, you do have the right to cancel your booking of Park product and accommodation under certain circumstances, see points 6.3 and 6.4 for cancellation of Park product and points 7.6 and 8.6 for cancellation of accommodation. Liseberg does not accept cancellation or refund of Event Tickets (for Event Ticket rules, see point 10).

9. Complaints

9.1. If you feel that your purchase from Liseberg does not meet your expectations, you are advised to first contact Liseberg's Guest Service. Guest Service is most easily reached via the email address provided in chapter 2 above. Regarding complaints related to accommodation at any of Liseberg's properties, you are advised to first contact the reception at the respective facility.

9.2. Complaints must always be made within two months from the date you discovered, or should have discovered, that your purchase from Liseberg does not meet your expectations. Complaints regarding accommodation at any of Liseberg's properties should be made as soon as possible after the defect is discovered, so that Liseberg has the opportunity to rectify the defect. If a complaint is not made in due time, you will lose your right to complain.

9.3. If you feel that Liseberg does not meet your potential demands, you have the right to report the matter to the National Board for Consumer Complaints. The National Board for Consumer Complaints undertakes objective assessments of disputes between consumers and businesses. Information about how you notify a matter to the National Board for Consumer Complaints is available at www.arn.se.

10. Grounds for Exemption

10.1. Neither Liseberg nor you are liable for deficiencies in the performance of the agreement if this is due to a ground for exemption communicated to the other party without delay. A ground for exemption is a general labor dispute, war, fire, lightning strike, changed government regulation, terrorist attack, pandemic, technical problems, or similar circumstance that significantly complicates the party's performance of the agreement and which the party could not reasonably foresee or overcome. Even when a subcontractor to Liseberg is affected by such a circumstance, this constitutes grounds for exemption for Liseberg. A ground for exemption exempts the invoking party from damages and other consequences.

11. Invalidity

11.1. If a court, authority, or arbitration board finds that any provision of the terms of purchase is invalid or unenforceable, the provision in question and all other provisions shall be valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law.

12. Commercial Photography

12.1. Photography and videography for commercial purposes in Liseberg Park or at accommodation facilities are only permitted with approval from Liseberg. If you wish to request such approval, you are welcome to read more on our press and media page. Liseberg may require compensation for commercial photography or videography conducted without such approval.

12.2. In certain attractions, photography may occur. The photography is conducted by Liseberg, and the images are deleted after 7 days. If you choose to purchase the picture following the ride, Liseberg will store the image for one year.