You’re trapped in a horror movie

Will you survive to the end?

Gruesome clowns and evil creatures lurk in the darkest corners of the park. Grating noises and ominous shrieks can be heard. Right behind you. What was that? The hairs on your neck stand on end and your blood runs cold. And all the while, the horror movie in the dusty cinema keeps on rolling. It’s like being trapped in a waking nightmare, a horror movie – where the main character is you.

House of horrors


Seven days. Seven words. Seven seas. Seven temptations. And seven deadly sins.

 Sin is in the eye of the beholder and it will be repeated seven times. Seven times you will meet your own worst side. Seven times you will face temptation. Seven times you will fall. But you only get one chance to resist. Take it or lose yourself forever.

Korthuset - do you dare to pick one?

In the abandoned house they bide their time. Their desire: to create the ultimate work of art. Your greatest wish: to escape from there alive. Your destiny lies in the cards – do you dare to pick one?

Skogen –  Something has woken 

What is it that is lurking in the forest? Is it a twig that scrapes your skin? Or is it a long nail on a bony finger? In the darkness and mist your senses are heightened and you get cold shivers. Maybe on your own. Maybe not. Stay close to the well-trodden path – a single false step is all it takes. Then it will get you.

Vinden - Your turn to suffer

Behind the barred attic door, time stands still, and the forgotten ones wait patiently for new trophies to nail/hang up on the walls. And they’ll use any means they can to survive, if necessary.  Things get serious when they are forced into the daylight, and they blame it all on you. Now it’s your turn to suffer.

Zombie - Sneak in at your own risk...

The zombies are waiting in the dark with just one purpose. To sink their teeth into more flesh. Sneak in at your own risk – and stay in the light if you can.

Scary Areas

Shadows of demons

 In the demons’ shadows a battle between good and evil has taken place and evil has won a crushing victory. The fallen angels weep heartbreakingly in the grasp of the demons, and above the cries of these lost souls you hear the whispers of the demons, promising you all the evil in the world.

Cirkus Bisarr

Among the ripped tent cloth, distorted music and flickering lights, some of the circus performers are watching you. They’re here now – following every step you take. And they take their entertainment very, very seriously. Do you?


Bio Skräck

Bio Skräck is a partnership between Liseberg and Göteborg Film Festival. The cinema has a 15+ age limit. Included in the entrance to the amusement park.

Bio Skräck is a cinema that will get under your skin from the very first moment. The films we show will give you cold shivers and a sense of unease that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. And the strange character skulking around the auditorium makes matters even worse. Especially if they get too close when the lights go down ..