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Our food

Lisebergs Wärdshus menu

The menu is valid from 20 April to 22 September, 2024

  • Smørrebrød

    • Cold smoked salmon
      129 SEK
      With dill and mustard sauce, egg and red onion
    • Roast beef
      99 SEK
      With Danish remoulade and crispy fried onion
    • Liver pâté
      60 SEK
      With crispy fried onion and pickled cucumber
    • Tomato*
      60 SEK
      With spinach and Dijon cream
    • Smørrebrød of the day
      101 SEK
      Served with 25 cl Pripps Blå or a soft drink 50 cl
  • Starters

    • Toast Skagen
      129 SEK
      Hand-peeled prawns, dill and mayonnaise on fried bread
    • Vegetarian Toast Skagen
      105 SEK
      Tofu, dill and mayonnaise served on toast topped with seaweed caviar
    • Jerusalem artichoke
      105 SEK
      Baked Jerusalem artichokes with smetana and crisp fried Jerusalem artichoke peel, topped with Jerusalem artichoke crisps and served on a bed of lettuce
    • Bread basket
      45 SEK
      Danish rye bread, country loaf, sourdough crispbread and butter
  • Mains

    • S.O.S
      165 SEK
      Three sorts of herring, served with Västerbotten cheese, sour cream, red onion, boiled potatoes and crispbread
    • Breaded plaice
      165 SEK
      Danish remoulade, green peas and boiled potatoes
    • Seafood Wallenburgar
      165 SEK
      Potato purée, brown butter, raw stirred lingonberries and green peas
    • Wärdshuset's veal meatballs
      159 SEK
      Potato purée, cream gravy, pickled cucumber and raw stirred lingonberries
    • Blackned Pork Loin
      165 SEK
      Creamy mixed cabbage, apple and red onion salad topped with roasted chickpeas, served with gravy
    • Roast beef with potato salad
      165 SEK
      Roast beef, potato salad, lettuce, tomato, topped with crispy onions
    • Roast cauliflower */**
      165 SEK
      Black lentils, beetroot sauce, roast tomatoes and parsnip crisps
  • Desserts

    • Tilslørte bondepiker
      65 SEK
      Apple compote, cake crumbs and vanilla cream
    • Citrus marinated strawberries
      75 SEK
      Served with vanilla ice cream
    • Frozen cheescake with rasberry coulis
      75 SEK
    • Chocolate Truffle
      55 SEK
  • Children's menu

    For children up to 12. Main meals can be provided as children’s portions for half price. All children receive an ice lolly after their meal!

    • Breaded plaice
      85 SEK
      Danish remoulade, green peas and boiled potatoes
    • Beef meatballs
      85 SEK
      Potato purée, cream gravy, pickled cucumber and raw stirred lingonberry jam
    • Danish Rød pølse hot dog
      85 SEK
      Red hot dog with french fries
    • Vego hot dog*
      85 SEK
      Vego hot dog with pommes frites
    • Pancakes (x3)
      79 SEK
      Served with strawberry jam and whipped cream

* Can be made vegan
** An eco-friendly meal is based on eco-labelled, seasonal, ingredients; consists to a large extent of vegetables and pulses, and takes ethical aspects into consideration. As important a factor as choosing ingredients is reducing food waste



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