Come along and be amazed by the technical masterpieces and marvellous machines in the city’s glittering Luna Park! See the mighty machines lined up, ready to give you a taste of the future – unparalleled inventions that will take you on a journey through time or a trip to see the man in the moon.

Luna logo400.png

Fly to the moon – your first visit!
First you are pulled backwards with inhuman power as the mighty engines prepare for take-off. Engines with enough power to catapult you all the way to the moon. At least!

This is what’s known as a boomerang roller coaster, which first carries guests forwards then backwards over a 225 metre-long track. With a height of 33.5 metres, Luna is the tallest and fastest ride of its kind in the world.

Turbo Logo400.png

 Hold on to your hat!
Get ready for a breathtaking experience as this machine accelerates you to the outer limits. Or at least to the far end of your seat.

Turbo – an interactive ride that puts you in the seat of a motorcycle side-car and lets you decide for yourself when and how far you ride around and up or down.

Tempus Logo400.png

Where time itself is bent!
With great precision the enormous pressure inside the compressor is converted into motion. As it picks up speed, this marvel of technology takes you on a ride unlike anything you have experienced before – a ride that will bend time and space

Tempus – a ride for the whole family that reshapes time and space. The four arms rotate in perfect harmony and with extraordinary precision, taking you up and down and round and round

Here you find Luna Park

You can find Luna Park here, click on the map for more information and to explore different areas.

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