Gardens & Culture

The history of Liseberg’s gardens stretches right back to the 17th century. The site where the amusement park stands today has previously been cow pasture, a tobacco plantation and a nursery for the first dahlias grown in Sweden.

Liseberg Gardens

In Liseberg Gardens we have created various spaces with different atmospheres and activities. Visitors can play spontaneously, go on thrilling rides or take a quiet rest under the oak trees with a picnic. The ideal spot for a surprising break in the midst of the bustling park.

Art at Liseberg

The focus of Liseberg’s activities was agreed last century when it was decided that the amusement park should be a leisure space where the people of Gothenburg could relax. This goal would be achieved by means of “light, flowers and beautiful arrangements”, and those beautiful arrangements referred in particular to outdoor art and sculpture. From the 300th anniversary exhibition in 1923 the amusement park inherited "Triton blowing a Shell” by Carl Milles. There are still many statues, buildings and memorials in the park today that remind us of Gothenburg’s cultural heritage.