Magical ride!
  • Included in Ride Pass Rabbit
  • At least 130 cm or 90 cm if accompanied by adult. At least 8 or 2 years old if accompanied by adult
  • Season: Summer, Christmas And Halloween
  • Underlandet

Handy to know

This attraction has virtual queueing

This is how you do it

1. Download the Liseberg app Lisebergsappen
Click on “Choose attraction (Välj attraktion)
Follow the instructions to get your place in the queue

While you are waiting you can continue exploring all the fun at Liseberg But don’t forget to allow notifications in the app, so we can let you know when it is almost your turn!

If you do not have a mobile phone there are other alternatives to let you ride:
  • A parent can add their child to a queue, then show the QR code at the entrance so that the child can ride alone.
  • A guest can get a paper queue ticket for the first free place in the queue from staff at the entrance to Wonderland.
  • There will also be a standby queue for unused places in the virtual queue.

Here you find Underlandet

You can find Underlandet here, click on the map for more information and to explore different areas.