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Our food

Our food

Timless, classics with a modern twist

What would life be without good food? Not much fun in our opinion  Here dining is transformed into a celebration, with revamped classics on the plate  We want to make your food experience something really special – without the requirement for a strict dress code or newly shined shoes. And to help us do that we use the best ingredients the season has to offer.

Talk to the staff if you have a food allergy or are gluten- or lactose-intolerant.

Did you know that here in Liseberg’s restaurants we think the environment is just as important as the taste experience? That’s why we’ve chosen to serve organic and locally produced food with delicious natural flavours  You’ll find MSC certified fish, plant based alternatives and a special eco-friendly meal on the menu  We’re also working to reduce our food waste and make use of the whole ingredient as much as possible. That makes everything feel (and taste) even better!



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