Welcome to a snowy and lively winter market

Here, joyful guests roam in both gift-hunting among twenty stalls and in pirouettes and skate cuts on the glistening ice. And here, you can indulge in the winter's delightful flavors and scents. Just set your sights on the snow-covered peak, and you'll find your way!

The winter market stalls

Embark on a lively gift hunt and savor the market's delicious flavors and scents. You'll find twenty stalls in the area near the Main Stage and the Ice Rink.


When Julius’ Skating Adventure has left the ice rink everyone is free to pull on their skates and take to the ice.

The skating is free and you are welcome to bring along your own skates, although hockey sticks and the like are not permitted. If you don’t have your own skates you can rent them here. And if you need a little help keeping your balance there are small support sleds to rest on.

Skate rental

It costs SEK 50 to rent ice skates and a helmet. (Plus a deposit of SEK 50 which you get back when you return them).