Liseberg's Christmas market

During Christmas at Liseberg, you will find everything you need to check off the Christmas gift list and get in the right Christmas mood.

News! Winter Market

At the Ice Rink


Winter Market stalls

Öjbro vantfabrik
Homemade gloves, knee socks and pulse warmers
Duerden´s Fudge & Toffee
Homemade fudge, toffee and bran in different flavors
Falbygdens Osteria Five different kinds of Christmas cheeses
Game delicacies, sausages, ham and salami
Liseberg Coffee drinks and mulled wine
Wiberg of Sweden
Own-produced sheepskin slippers, sheepskin mittens, soles, seat cushions
Mössor och halsdukar i alpackagarn, stickade tröjor, strumpor
CC´s Havtorns Delikatesser
Hats and scarves in alpaca yarn, knitted sweaters, socks
Karesuando Fritidsprodukter
Products in lamb, sheep and reindeer skin. Gloves, bags and hats
Sandras Schweizermandel
Candied almond & cashew nut, vanilla caramel, salt and licorice almond
Steelneck Energy Souvas reindeer/moose and salmon
Oscarshöjd  Coffee, tea, mulled wine, hot chocolate, pastries
Norwegian Craftwork Sweaters, caps and mittens in Norwegian design
Lakritsboden Quality licorice
Varm Choklad Hot chocolate and buns
Mimis miniatyrer
Handmade miniature jewelry in cerni clay
Flavored cheeses, crackers and cranberry puddings
Tilva Stålsmycken
Self-designed jewelry made of steel
Liseberg Coffee drinks and mulled wine
Organic and fair trade products such as coffee, tea, chocolate
Rhapsody of Wellness
Scents and flavors from Österlen


Old-fashioned Christmas

Storgatan and by Farfars Bil


Old-fashioned Christmas stalls

Mouth-blown Christmas baubles, spires, lanterns, etc
Sockerbagar´n Chocolate balls, buns and other goodies
Studio Ingrid Lindström
Ceramics and jewelery in own design
Wadköpings Handelsbod
Mulled wine, toys, cans, tin signs, coffee, tea and candies etc
Mini pancakes
Klädesholmen Seafood
Herring and caviar
Svenskt Mathantverk
Forfarmer sausage, air-dried sausages, must and soft drinks, mulled wine, etc


Christmas Market

Between the Järnvägsrestauranen and South entrance


Christmas market stalls

FC Agenturer Mulled wine, gingerbread, jam and flat bread
Steelneck Energy Souvas in pita bread
Hobbykroken Light lanterns in own design
Lunita Halsdukar
Scarves and shawls made of alpaca wool
Steelneck Energy Dried, smoked and ground meat from reindeer, bear and elk and redcurrant jam
Cheese stall with cheddar, smoked cheese, flavored cheese, marmalade and mustard
John`s Schweizermandel
Swiss almonds, candied cashews, chocolate and cinnamon almonds
Santas from Rolf Berg and Näsgränsgården
Bräutigams Marsipan & Konfektyr
Marzipan in various shapes and praline boxes
Segerström Company
Herring, stir fry and smoked & grilled salmon
Valrhonachoklad Warm Valrhona chocolate, giant cinnamon buns and pralines
Skinnboden Leather products, bags and belts
Custom designed Christmas products
Wands, leather books, magical things, crystals, stones, etc
Sol & Vår
Gingerbread molds, rolling pins and products with motifs from Moomin and Astrid Lindgren
Silver jewelry with precious stones



Between Valkyria and Hamnområdet (The harbor area)


Tomtebyn stalls

Varma drycker Hot chocolate, coffee, sandwiches and buns
Vegan children's products such as shoes, booties, hats, mittens, etc


Subject to change.