Mischief and cuddly thrills!

 In Rabbit Land it’s always time to play, preferably with others, to make it even more fun! As the autumn darkness settles over Rabbit Land the mischief begins. For real! And Måns Tråk is sneaking around again, with mischief in mind ... What do you think he will get up to this time!

Kaninlandet (Rabbit Land)

In the rabbits’ special laboratory, actually an allotment garden, a sticky mystery is unfolding. The problem is where all the slime has come from, and the prime suspect is Måns Tråk. The good part is that the slime, which Måns Tråk deliberately poured into the watering system so that he can grow giant pumpkins and become master of the world, has created unexpectedly good things in the Underland! The rabbits are really happy about this, but Måns Tråk is so angry he is ready to eat his own hat. If it wasn’t such a very fine hat, that is.. 

Rabbit show

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! Rabbit Land is totally overflowing with orange vegetables that are sprouting everywhere. Our green friends are really in a sticky situation now and they need to find an answer before the day is over. Where are the pumpkins coming from? No one seems to have seen anything!

Make sure to hold on to your hat! Because a really slimy character is lurking around every corner ...

Godismysteriet (Candy Mystery)

Among all the mayhem and mischief a secret word has been hidden in Rabbit Land. We recommend that you set off and start searching for the hidden letters when you come to visit! A scrumptious reward awaits those who solve ... The Candy Mystery!

News! Haunted Mansion
– a hair-raising ride

Something very scary has moved into this abandoned attraction. Get ready for spine-chilling close encounters with scary beings. Or are they headless?

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Moon travel and autumn magic at Luna Park

Come up to Luna Park and be enchanted by the glittering light spreading colour in the autumn darkness. Marvel at technical masterpieces and marvellous machines. And while you’re here – ride to the moon in this year’s new attraction, the Luna roller coaster, and preview the future in Turbo and Tempus. Prepare for thrills!

Discover Luna Park

Storgatan area

In the little town square an odd group has taken shelter from the storm. There are fun and games as they pass by, but with a Halloween twist. When the storm eventually passes, it’s time to celebrate, and you are invited along! Enjoy a wonderful and slightly mysterious street party filled with food, candy and colourful pennants dancing in the wind.

The path up to Luna Park

In the autumn garden it’s easy to have fun among the twisting labyrinths, the scarecrows and spinning carousels. The path up to Luna park have been bewitched, and pixies scamper round among toadstools of all sizes. As darkness falls you can see their glowing eyes follow every step you take. Maybe they’ll be brave enough to show themselves?