The ideal roller coaster for younger tummies
  • Included in Ride Pass Rabbit
  • At least 110 cm or 90 cm if accompanied by adult
  • Season: Summer, Christmas And Halloween
  • Rabalder

Handy to know

Coupons: 2 coupons, included in Ride Pass Rabbit
Type of attraction: Roller coaster
Zierer Karusell und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH
Year built: 2009
Manufacturer's designation: Force Two Roller Coaster
Number of passengers/ride: Single train x 20 passengers
Capacity: Around 550 passengers per hour (for two circuits)
Speed: Max. 40 kph
G-force: Around 2.5 G
Brake system: Magnetic
Track: Length: 222 metres. Max. sideways angle: 54 degrees. Max. downhill angle: 24 degrees. Max. uphill angle: 25 degrees 
Train Length 13,2 m
Main dimensions: Ground area 28 x 42 metres. Height 9 metres

Here you find Rabalder

You can find Rabalder here, click on the map for more information and to explore different areas.