Terms for restaurant bookings

On this page, you will find our terms and conditions for table reservations at Liseberg's restaurants via liseberg.se.

For smaller parties of up to 14 people 

(Mei Rose, up to 8 people)

Cancellation or adjustment of numbers must be made to Liseberg no later than the day before your visit. Full cancellation is referred to in your booking confirmation.

For larger parties, 15 people or more

(Mei Rose, see below)

To ensure Liseberg can provide good quality and service, a consolidated menu must be pre-ordered at least one week before the visit. As the booker, you select 3 dishes from the regular menu for your guests to choose from. At least one week before the visit, you must return and submit a summarized menu order.

The number booked one week before the visit can be adjusted by a maximum of 10% up until 3 days before a visit. Full cancellation must occur at least 7 days before the date of the visit.

Mei Rose

For larger parties of 9 or more, a sharing menu composed by the chef in three courses is offered. See price: Mei Rose.

Christmas buffet & special christmas packages

 Special booking rules apply, see booking confirmation.

Additional terms 

When booking a christmas buffet at liseberg.se, Liseberg's handling of personal data as stated in Liseberg's privacy policy also applies.