Vision and hearing support

Do you have impaired vision or hearing? We strive to make our stages and performances accessible to everyone.

Vision and hearing support

For questions, contact Gästservice in the middle of the park on +46 31-7330 375 or [email protected].

Hearing loops

We strive to make our stages accessible to everyone. Liseberg Theatre and Rondo both have hearing loops (audio induction loops) installed. Read more about hearing loops underneath each event.

Service dogs

If you need the assistance of a service dog, they are naturally welcome in the park, but only if they are working. Other pets must stay at home. At events with a seated audience at Stora Scenen, a number of the outermost seats at the front, near the stage, are reserved for disabled guests who have a service dog. These provide a little more space for the dog as well as access to water and shade.