Lilla Scenen – Live music in the harbour area

You will find Lilla Scenen in the heart of Hamnområdet (harbour area).

It offers a great mix of punk, prog rock, pop, ballads, country, acoustic, easy listening and jazz. Just about every music genre is covered and you can enjoy it just as well from the restaurant terrace or the jetty!


Handy to know

Dare to Care

– a commitment to mutuality and to combat sexual abuse

In partnership with Svensk Live, the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education and various festivals, organisers and performers, we support everyone’s rights to their own body and their own sexuality.

At festivals, clubs – and everywhere. Dare to Care is primarily about creating a social culture that advocates communication, mutuality and consent in sexual relationships. In practice this involves working to establish norms and values and provide practical safety measures together with organisers, as well as talking to audiences at venues.




– Events as a driving force for climate change

Through the Greentopia initiative, stakeholders in live music, the sports community and Swedish cities have formed an alliance that is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of events.

We have joined this alliance, and together with other members of Greentopia we will actively work to reduce the climate impact of our own events and strive to encourage visitors and other stakeholders to contribute to the goal of making cities climate-neutral by 2030. Our focus is on food and drink, transport and textiles.


Here you find Lilla Scenen

You can find Lilla Scenen here, click on the map for more information and to explore different areas.