Classic revue stage

Welcome to one of Sweden’s top stages for comedies, revue acts and family performances. The walls of this classic stage are steeped in laughter. If the amusement park is open on the day you visit Lisebergsteatern (Liseberg Theatre) your ticket also gives you free admission.

Handy to know

Home to the stars since 1944

The dome-shaped building that now houses Liseberg Theatre was originally a planetarium. Using a projector, the Swedish Astronomical Society was able to project an image of the night sky as seen from any time and place on Earth.  The planetarium opened in 1944 with a spectacular lecture entitled “Gothenburg’s starry sky over 26,000 years”. Unfortunately the Swedish Astronomical Society soon wanted their projector back, so from 1948 the public instead had to watch living stars instead. The newly built theatre offered performances by figures such as Max von Sydow, Inga Tidblad, Siv Ericks, Åke Söderblom, Sten-Åke Cederhök, Tomas von Brömssen and Laila Westersund – to name just a few.

Farce, revues and slapstick

Right from the start the Liseberg Theatre performances were about having fun. The farces, revues and slapstick gave decades of laughter to the people of Gothenburg. But when Gösta Bernhard took over the running of the theatre in the 1950s, one of the first performances was Agatha Christie’s legendary The Mousetrap.

In the 1960s Hagge Geigert stepped in and entertained audiences with his own revues and imported farces. He remained the director of Liseberg Theatre for over 30 years.

Here you find Lisebergsteatern

You can find Lisebergsteatern here, click on the map for more information and to explore different areas.