Services in the park

At Liseberg we always want your visit to be as successful as possible, whatever your plans. Gathered below is some useful information on where to find things such as toilets, nursery rooms or lost property.

Handy to know

Liseberg app

There are several ways to explore Liseberg. The Liseberg app gives you useful information before and during your visit to the park. You can see current queue times for attractions, what’s happening on our stages, and free parking spaces locally. More about the Liseberg app.

Guest Services

If you have questions, comments or need information, come and see us at Guest Services. You can find us at the North Entrance and at the South Entrance. You can also collect ride passes for attendants. Find Guest Services.

Lost property

If you realise you have lost something at Liseberg while you are still in the park, go to the Guest Services. Everything that is found during the day is brought here. And if you find something that someone else has lost, we would naturally appreciate it if you could hand it in at Guest Services.

If you discover that you have lost something a few days after your visit, please contact Liseberg’s lost property department by e-mail: [email protected]. You can also visit the lost property department at the North Entrance. The opening hours are the same as for the amusement park.

Payment in the park

Our park is cash-free, with the exception of our Pentathlon games and wheels
of fortune. If you need to get cash, there are cash machines at various locations around the park:

  • At Tyrolen
  • Inside the Amusement Arcade
  • Opposite Järnvägsrestaurangen
  • At Loke

Left luggage

Have you come to Liseberg with a lot of luggage? Just inside the North Entrance is a staffed cloakroom and left luggage room where you can leave your cases. You can use the cloakroom all day for SEK 30 and concentrate on enjoying yourself in the amusement park. There are also storage lockers at the South Entrance and House of Mirrors that you can use.


If you drive to Liseberg there are several car parks nearby. To see current availability at nearby car parks.


Liseberg is a smoke-free park (includes e-cigarettes) but you are permitted to smoke in certain areas (marked with a smoking symbol).

First aid

There is a first-aid station at Guest Services at the South Entrance. You can get first aid here and rest if needed.


All washrooms in the park have nappy changing tables and accessible toilets. There is a larger accessible toilet with hoist at Guest Services in the centre of the park (sling is not provided). The following is a list of all the washrooms in the park.

Where in the park Type of toilet
Lisebergshallen Arena, north and south foyers Unisex, toilet on south side has changing table
In Rabbit Land Unisex and equipped with changing table
Near Hamnkrogen Unisex and equipped with changing table
Near House of Mirrors Ladies and Gents
Near Amusement Arcade Unisex and equipped with changing table
Under Waltzer Ladies and gents, ladies’ side also has changing table
Near AtmosFear Unisex and equipped with changing table
Near Café Taube Unisex
Near Guest Service South Entrence Unisex and equipped with changing table, hoist and shower (sling is not provided)


Liseberg provides free Wi-Fi access in the south section of the park. 

Charging your mobile

We offer charging stations for your mobile phone. You can find them at Loke, Helix, and in the Amusement Arcade. Nak i's chargers cost 30 SEK per 30 minutes and a maximum of 90 SEK per day. When starting a charging session, a reservation of 90 SEK is always made.

If the power bank is not returned to any Naki station within 48 hours, a total fee of 500 SEK will be charged.

If you forget to return the power bank within 48 hours, you can always contact Naki's support via the app or website and request a refund. For more information:


There are recycling bins at various locations in the park where waste can be sorted by type: food waste, paper and plastic. With your help we can ensure the food waste is turned into biogas, and paper and plastic are recycled.