Free-fall from a height of 146 metres at a speed of 110 kilometres per hour. Are you brave enough?
  • Included in Ride Pass or 4 coupons
  • At least 140 cm
  • Season: Summer
  • AtmosFear

Handy to know

Coupons: 4 coupons, included in Ride Pass
Constructed by: Intamin
Height of tower: 116 metres
Elevation above sea level: 146 metres
Speed: 110 kilometres per hour
G-force: 4 positive G's
Brake type: Magnetic
Number of passengers per run: 36 seats
Ride time: approximately 2 minutes
Capacity: 600 passengers per hour

Here you find AtmosFear

You can find AtmosFear here, click on the map for more information and to explore different areas.