Terms of booking and accommodation

These terms apply to bookings and stays at the Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel (“the Hotel”).

When you book a room at the Hotel, you must give your name, email address and payment method.

Guests are responsible for checking that the booking information provided in their booking confirmation is correct. If any information is incorrect, it is the guest’s responsibility to contact the Hotel as soon as possible to correct this.

A booking becomes binding once it has been confirmed and you have received a booking number. You may receive confirmation orally, in writing or through our website.

Age limit: You must be at 18 years old to book a room at the Hotel. If you book a room for someone under the age of 18 you will be responsible for that person, whether you stay in the room yourself or not. Guests who are younger than 18 years must have a parent, guardian or other responsible person over 18 years of age staying at the Hotel at the same time.

The minimum age for booking the Hotel’s Deluxe Curiosa and Superior Curiosa rooms is 25 years.

You can change or cancel your booking until 6 PM (local time for the Hotel) on the day before your arrival date at no extra cost.

If you do not show up without cancelling, or if you cancel later than 6 PM (local time for the Hotel) on the day before your arrival date, Liseberg will charge you for the full cost of the first night’s accommodation.

Bookings made by phone or email can only be changed by phone or email.

If you booked a hotel room through a third party (e.g. Booking.com, Expedia.com, etc.) you must contact that company if you want to change or cancel your booking.

You can check in and check out at the Hotel or online.

Booked Hotel rooms are ready for check-in from 4 PM local time on the day of arrival.

Please bring along and show a valid national ID document or passport when you check in.

According to the Swedish Aliens Act, foreign hotel guests must provide certain information as required by the Swedish Police Authority. Foreign hotel guests must confirm their identity by showing a valid identification document. These rules are based on the Schengen Convention within the EU.

When checking in, guests must be able to show their booking confirmation if requested.

If you arrive before 4 PM you are welcome to leave your luggage in the Hotel’s luggage room.

The reception is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the week. If you have any comments or complaints about your room, inform the receptionist as soon as possible after you check in.

The latest time for checking out is 11 AM on your departure day.

If you wish to check out later, please contact reception to check whether this is possible. An additional charge will be made for late check-out.

Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel is a cashless hotel. Website bookings should be paid for using Klarna at the time of booking, or if the booking is made at the hotel it should be paid for by credit card at reception or at one of our check-in booths in the lobby.

If you wish to borrow a cot, please contact the Hotel at the time of booking, as we have a limited number of cots available.

Dogs are allowed in some of the Hotel rooms, for a supplement of SEK 300 per dog per stay (max. 2 dogs per room). Contact the Hotel at the time of booking to check whether any dog-friendly rooms are available. No other pets are permitted.

The Hotel can store your luggage in a locked luggage room before check-in and after check-out.

Do not leave valuables or luggage unattended during check-in or check-out, during breakfast or while waiting for a taxi.

For security reasons, the Hotel has no obligation to store items of high value or items that could endanger the safety of Hotel staff or other guests.

The Hotel does not accept liability for items that you keep in your hotel room or in the luggage room.

Guests may be resting at the Hotel at any time of day. Whatever the time of day or night it is therefore important to show consideration and avoid shouting or behaving in a disruptive manner. It is also important that when you are a guest at the Hotel, you behave considerately and respectfully towards staff and other guests.

For security reasons we only allow our employees and checked-in guests to have access to Hotel rooms and other booked premises or rooms.

The guest or person who is responsible for booking the room is liable for any costs and/or damages that occur to the Hotel or third parties in connection with a stay. The Hotel guest is liable for the replacement of any Hotel property that is damaged or illegally removed from the Hotel room or other areas of the Hotel premises. All costs for the damage or theft incurred in connection with a stay will be charged to the credit card registered during booking.

If, as a guest, you behave in a way that conflicts with the Hotel’s rules for consideration of guests and staff, or have been unable to pay in full for your accommodation at the Hotel, or have caused damage, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse your continued or future use of the Hotel or Liseberg’s other accommodation facilities.

Always familiarise yourself with the locations of emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers. See the instructions on the back of your hotel room door.


There are permanent cameras installed in some areas of the park. These cameras record video.

When you visit us this means that Liseberg may process your personal data. In order for images to be classed as personal data it must be possible to identify you from video recordings. Liseberg is the personal data controller for personal data that is gathered this way.

We process your personal data in order to:

  • Increase the safety and security of guests and staff.
  • Safeguard operational safety.

Legal basis for processing data: We process your personal data on the basis of legitimate interests, as we have a lawful interest to process your personal data for crime prevention reasons and to ensure the safety of our services.

Storage period: We save your personal data in encrypted form on protected devices. All video material that is not handed over to the police is deleted within one month of being recorded.

When we hand over personal data to the police and other authorities it is because we have a legal obligation to do so in certain cases, for example to assist in a police investigation. In some cases we also hand over personal data to the police on the basis of legitimate interests. This could, for example, apply if a crime is reported or if the police are looking for a missing person.

The Hotel has a no-smoking policy; smoking is not permitted inside the Hotel but only in the designated areas outdoors. The no-smoking policy also applies to e-cigarettes and vaping. If the Hotel’s no-smoking policy is ignored, Liseberg is entitled to charge SEK 5,000 for cleaning and deodorising rooms from the credit card that was registered at check-in.

In the event of strikes, lockouts, fire, explosion, pandemic, war, material restrictions on deliveries or other circumstances outside the Hotel’s control, the Hotel is entitled to cancel this agreement without liability to pay damages.

In the event of a dispute between the parties (guest/responsible booking company), the dispute shall be settled in accordance with current Swedish law. If a dispute cannot be resolved amicably, the Hotel’s jurisdiction shall apply, with the exception of mandatory rules for consumer contracts.