Rock around the clock in these stylish cars!
  • Included in Ride Pass
  • At least 110 cm
  • Season: Summer, Christmas And Halloween
  • JukeBox

Handy to know

Coupons: 2 coupons, included in Ride Pass
Type of attraction: Rotating
Manufacturer: Gerstlauer Amusement Rides Gmbh
Year of construction: 2012
Maximum height: 5,1 metres
Number of passengers per run: 50 passengers ( 25 cars with 2 passengers each)
Gondola rotation speed: 22 revolutions/minute
Main dimensions: Ground area: 21 x 21 metres, diameter: 18,4 metres



Here you find JukeBox

You can find JukeBox here, click on the map for more information and to explore different areas.