Everything you need to know about Rabbit Land

A visit to Rabbit Land is always awesome! And it’s even more fun when you can keep track of everything from restaurants and cafés to washrooms and nursery rooms, as well as carousels, shows and everything else. A warm welcome to Rabbit Land!

Useful to keep track of

Like to know when the attractions open? Or when Rabbit Land closes? Where you can hand over pacifiers to the rabbits? Or where the nearest washroom and nursery room is? You’ll find lots of useful info about Rabbit Land here!

Is there a nursery room?

    Yes there is, if your baby is hungry you can find a quiet spot to breastfeed in the nursery room. There is also a changing table and microwave.

    Can I get a wristband for my child?

 You can get a wristband for your child, on which you can write your telephone numbers. Wristbands are available free of charge from Guest Services, in the Cloakroom just inside the Main Entrance, and from the ticket offices in the park.

More useful info: