Come and play with us!

All the wonderful adventures in Rabbit Land are looked after by us – Kanne, Kanina, Lisen and Berg. We love to play. And dance. And do shows. And everything that lets us have fun together, hopefully together with you. Because when you are happy ... we are naturally happiest of all! We have lots of crazy inventions that we have created all by ourselves. Some go high, others low. And sometimes they even fly! And you know what, sometimes one goes so low that it ends up underground. That’s where the carrots hang down. And we like hanging out there too, it’s cosy! Like to follow us and see?

Now we have our own YouTube channel! We’re on YouTube

We can hardly believe it! We’ve become world-famous movie stars! And we have our own channel on YouTube! So the first thing we did was make a movie about ourselves, which we naturally called ... “A movie about us!” And you can watch it right now if you like. So find your cosiest blanket and watch it here!

watch it ON YouTube

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Discover our land from a different angle. From underneath!

So wow! Me and my friends have an amazing surprise on the way! We have a secret place, far underground. We work on lots of different things there. On inventions. And gadgets. So when we’re not having a coffee break with carrot cake ... And when the time is right, I – Kanne – will reveal a secret entrance to an even more secret lift, which only goes down. At the bottom, the doors will open on a magical world where people have never set foot before. See it for yourself!

In Rabbit Land you can have so much more fun

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